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Company NameHenan Kuangshan Crane Co.,Ltd
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Product Description

Product introduction:

Electric hoist elevator special electric hoist from the electric hoist elevator technology and elevator technology combined with the optimal design, no machine room, well, pit, using independent high-strength assembly frame, not only save the construction cost, and more harmonious with the interior decoration environment.

Product features:

Electric hoist elevator special electric hoist is a kind of light and small lifting equipment, with compact structure, light weight, small volume, parts and components of strong universality, easy to operate and other advantages. The reducer is designed with hard tooth surface, with long life and high mechanical efficiency. The motor USES conical rotor brake motor and has upper and lower bidirectional safety limit device.

The special electric hoist for cargo elevator has no need of machine room, well and pit, which reduces the land area, and at the same time realizes elevator lift and reduces the high cost of elevator.

Product advantages:

Electric hoist elevator special electric hoist design reasonable, brake sensitive, stable performance, can be used repeatedly. This product has passed the type test of construction machinery quality supervision and inspection center, and obtained the type test certificate of special equipment.

Construction principle:

Electric hoist cargo ladder special electric hoist is a kind of lifting equipment, it will motor, reducer, steel wire rope drum and walking car integrated, often used for small monorail crane crane.

Electric hoist elevator special electric hoist principle: the electric hoist in the middle is steel wire rope drum, with the car hanging on the i-steel crane girder, one end with flange fixed a cone rotor motor can brake, with the drive shaft to transfer power to the other end of the reducer. The power through deceleration is transferred to the wire rope reel to drive the lifting hook. Walking car is a small conical rotor motor, after slowing down, power transfer to the walking wheel, the car will be able to walk along the i-steel. The crane is driven by the walking device of the cart to complete the lifting and positioning tasks.

Electric hoist elevator special electric hoist can also be used alone.

The construction of simple goods ladder is usually composed of the following: electric hoist, wire rope, pulley, hook, carriage, etc. Some simple cargo ladders use electric chain hoist as the driving part.

Working principle of simple cargo elevator: the operation button of simple cargo elevator is located in each floor, taking 3 floors and 3 stations simple cargo elevator as an example to illustrate. If the car is on the first floor, the operator presses the call elevator button on the second floor, through layer selection and orientation, the electric hoist starts to drive the car up, and when the travel switch reaches the flat floor of the second floor, the main power is disconnected, the car is on the flat floor of the second floor, and the call elevator signal of all floors is cancelled at the same time. Due to the general lack of floor door locks, the simple cargo elevator can be activated at any time by other floor instructions.

Operating conditions:

1. Ambient temperature :-20℃ ~ +40℃

2, work system: intermediate jc25%

3, heavy grade: jc40%

When the intermediate work system electric hoist lifting weight reduced by 30%, that is, the heavy work system jc40% electric hoist.

Heavy-duty work system jc40% of the electric hoist is used in the work is relatively heavy, the load is often rated or requires a high safety factor in the case.

Custom instructions

1. Due to a wide variety of lifting equipment and accessories, the quotation of products on this website is for reference, please contact with the business for details.

2. Since the lifting equipment is customized, please provide tonnage and lifting height for inquiry and order.

3. For other special requirements, please note or contact the merchant.

Quality assurance, delivery, after-sales service and others:

Quality: according to the international standard, the material is pure enough, and the whole process is guaranteed.

Delivery: the standard packaging is carton packaging, generally choose large logistics companies, sometimes due to logistics transport reasons to use other packaging. Or by a van.

Warranty: our products are guaranteed for one year.

After-sales service: if there is any quality problem within the warranty period, the company will implement "three guarantees" service in accordance with the provisions. Provide free technical consultation and guidance on equipment commissioning and product-related issues according to customer requirements. Due to improper use of the product quality problems caused by the user, the company's discretion to charge, to ensure customer satisfaction.

Accessories supply: to provide the original factory accessories at a preferential price.

Company introduce

 Henan Kuangshan Crane Co.,Ltd is a joint-stock industrial enterprise, mainly engaged in the manufacture and sales of 80 varieties of five series of electric hoist, single and double beam crane, bridge and portal crane.

The company covers an area of 680,000 square meters, has more than 2,700 employees, annual sales of 2.3 billion yuan, has more than 380 sales and service institutions at home and abroad, has more than 180 middle and senior engineering and technical personnel, responsible for the development and design of all products, and has its own new technology, new product development center.

The products sell well in more than 30 provinces, cities and autonomous regions, and are exported to Australia, Vietnam, India, Thailand and southeast Asian countries. The annual production and marketing of double beam, gantry crane more than 3600, single beam crane more than 23000, single double beam electric hoist and accessories nearly 23000 (sets). With 1300 sets of processing equipment, it can independently complete the whole process of turning, milling, planing, grinding, drawing, boring, rolling, drilling, stamping, cutting, bending, rolling plate, riveting, welding, testing and heat treatment.

The quality casts the brand, the good faith weaves the future, your ideal is " kuang yuan" the pursue, hoped " kuang yuan" can make the contribution for your economy industry's early take-off. "A grip mine source hand, life is a friend", chairman cui peijun with all staff wholeheartedly and friends from all walks of life go hand in hand, create brilliant!

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